The Bruins get their Stanley Cup rings tonight at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

That’s one rite of the new season they’re certainly not used to.

This weekend, they wrapped up one they know quite well.

The B’s went to Great Diamond Island, off Portlane, Maine, for their annual team-building trip. The excursion is a staple of Claude Julien’s preseason repertoire.


The location was a tightly kept secret until a post-trip conference call with the media yesterday.

“We had an area where it was very quiet and secluded,” Julien said. “We were able to do what we needed to do as a team. A lot of the stuff we did was based around the water. Our guys seemed to enjoy it, although we had plenty of water coming from the sky yesterday — but we also had water underneath us. It was challenging, it was a lot of fun and I think everyone enjoyed it.”

The trips seem to make an impact. Yesterday, Andrew Ference praised the B’s togetherness. “We have a very, very tight unit here,”?he said. “I feel that’s one of the big advantages we have.”

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