Here's what we're taking from the Bruins' 3-1 win over the Lightning tonight:


1. Tim Thomas is this team: Even if you thought it was evident before, it's completely unavoidable now. Without TT the Bear in net, the B's would have started their offseason weeks ago. He stole another win tonight, and we're guessing he can do it again Wednesday. But can he beat Vancouver?


2. Keeping cool: There's no secret to how the B's came out on top tonight. They stayed calm after spotting the Lightning an early lead, then refused to panic in the closing minutes. Tampa Bay, for its part, looked like a bunch of scared schoolboys as the clock ticked toward zero. Because of that mental difference, this is Boston's series to lose.


3. Downie should be suspended. Steve Downie's vicious hit on Johnny Boychuk behind the Boston goal shouldn't go unpunished. Downie blindsided the B's defenseman's head right into the boards. A two-minute penalty isn't punitive enough for that, especially in this age of concussion awareness.