Tonight’s game will decide the best team in the country. It’s already been decided who is the best player.

Auburn’s Cam Newton has been as dominant as any dual-threat quarterback in recent memory. The Heisman Trophy winner rises up when it matters most, rescuing the Tigers from deficits in eight games this season. No one, from Alabama to LSU, has had an answer for him. So, how can Oregon trip him up?

Spy vs. bringing some pressure

In a perfect world — or in a video game, you take your most athletic defender and spy Cam Newton. In the real world, though, Newton lights you up for 65 points.

That’s exactly what happened when Arkansas tried that strategy in October, and it probably won’t work for a less-athletic Duck defense.

Alabama has come the closest to providing a blueprint on how to limit Newton and Gus Malzahn’s offense. It held Auburn scoreless for the first 25 minutes in the November matchup. The Tide brought four- and five-man pressure, not with the intent to sack Newton, but to clog up his running lanes and force him into bad throws. He lacks the poise of a pro-style passer and will often throw off his back foot.

If Oregon can get decent pressure and their defensive backs take away the lethal deep ball, Newton’s only solid option is to hit receivers underneath — arguably his biggest weakness.