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Cannon battling cancer

Patriots draftee Marcus Cannon is battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Patriots draftee Marcus Cannon is battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Thankfully, it's treatable -- and it was caught early. A memo circulated to NFL teams before the draft pegged his chances of recovery at 90 percent.

The Globe's Shalise Manza Young checked in with a great profile today.

Telling his mother about his diagnosis is what finally brought Cannon to tears, but telling his father brought him to his knees.

Cannon heard the pain in Ebbie’s voice when they spoke on the phone that day, Marcus from the campus at TCU, where he was a two-time all-conference offensive tackle, and Ebbie in their hometown of Odessa, more than 300 miles to the west.

“That was probably the hardest thing,’’ Cannon said of the conversation with his father. “I was trying to be strong and then I just started crying while I was talking to my dad. My mom said, ‘You need to start praying,’ and then my dad told me to start praying. And that’s one thing that I really didn’t hear out of him growing up, was talking about God. He told me to start praying, and that got me to start praying.’’

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