While fans continue to flood talk-show lines with complaints over Andy Reid and the disappointing 8-8 Eagles, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Mainly shining bright on the West Coast, in Los Angeles.

Dehlia Ford-Feliz recently received an honorable mention in the 2011 Ultimate Displaced Fan Contest by DIRECTV, a contest which crowned America’s most diehard, displaced NFL fan. She didn't win but the 28-year-old received a bunch of goodies, including a year’s subscription to DIRECTV.

Ford-Feliz was born and raised in L.A., a town without a pro football team, and began cheering for the Birds in 2001. She said Donovan McNabb caught her eye due to his “quirky, weird, different” style. ("Kind of like me," she said). In 2002, Ford-Feliz became a full-time fan after A.J. Feeley rallied the team to four wins.


“That’s when I fell in love,” she said. “That team had heart.”

This year, prior to Week 1, Ford-Feliz quit her job in the marketing field and started an Eagles website, Philadehliaeagles.com. On it, she posts pregame and postgame analysis, as well as weekly videos which showcase her love of the Birds. The site has become wildly popular, prompting Eagles DE Jason Babin to send her an autographed Pro Bowl hat and other gear. Babin even asked Ford-Feliz for input on his new clothing line.

“My passion is sports. Once I went into a different field, I missed it,” said Ford-Feliz, a former tennis player and coach. “It’s not something that’s normal to do, but I’m not normal. It’s fun.”

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