The Celtics’ Marquis Daniels has never seen a defense like this before.

The six-year veteran, in his first season with the C’s, is loving the intensity his new teammates are bringing on a nightly basis — and he’s fitting right into that mold.

Going into last night’s 105-86 win over Utah, Daniels had seven steals in seven games, and he has added a boost to the second unit on that end of the court. Everyone knew he had tons of scoring ability, but his focus defensively has been a huge asset off the bench.


“It’s very important,” said Daniels, who spent three seasons with the Mavericks and three with the Pacers. “If that’s something that I can do, getting tipped balls or just getting things going in transition, I’m willing to do it.”

It’s been refreshing for Daniels to see a team that plays with so much heart and intensity on the defensive end — so much so that he’s fifth on the team in steals.

“I’ve never been on a team like that, where everyone is willing to play defense and get better,” said Daniels, who has averaged at least a steal a game in four of his first six seasons. “It’s always been like three or four guys here and maybe one guy

[doesn’t]. Here, all 15 guys are willing to go out there and lay it down every night. That makes it a lot easier for a guy like myself who likes to play defense.”

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