Chase Daniel, for the moment, is the newest Philadelphia Eagle.Getty Images

Is Chase Daniel better than Mark Sanchez? There is a very small sample size to judge from, regarding the work of career backup Daniel, but clearly Doug Pederson knows who he prefers.

Sources close to the Eagles announcedahead of the 4 p.m. opening of NFL free agency that the team was inking Daniel to a three-year pact. Daniel of course, was the second-string QB for the Chiefs while Pederson was the team's offensive coordinator. He has not had many NFL snaps, but has shown enough to warrant a move by the Birds' new head coach.

This implies that Sanchez, the Birds current backup, will likely be cut with one year left on his contract.

Compensation has also been made fairly transparent regarding the Birds' pair of trades earlier this week jettisoning DeMarco Murray, Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso. In the Titans deal, Tennessee and Philly will split Murray's salary with the running back moving to the midwest. In return the two teams will reportedly swap fourth round picks, giving Philly the first pick on the draft's third day.


In the other trade, one that was off, and then back on -- the Eagles and Dolphins will reportedly also swap picks, moving the Eagles from No. 13 to No. 8. This is the equivalent of a high third rounder changing hands.

So Philly boasts anew backup quarterback, a top 10 draft pick, and tons of salary cap space. None of this existed three days ago.

Much more to come. Stay tuned...

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