Three games will be played on Thanksgiving this season. (Photo: Getty Images)

One of my favorites traditions on Thanksgiving is sitting down with my family and watching football (after spending quality time with them, of course). 

Once upon a time, Thanksgiving gave NFL teams an opportunity to break out some fantastic throwback uniforms. 

I mean, just look at these threads from a 2001 Turkey Day matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos:

For some reason, the NFL has gotten away from that. Not like they care about what the fans want. 

But this season will feature some rare, seldom-used jerseys with a vintage uniform as the cherry on top of this Thanksgiving cake:


Vikings vs. Lions, 12:30 p.m. on FOX

While there is no word on what the Vikings will do as of yet, the Lions are breaking out these beautiful throwbacks:


Chargers vs. Cowboys, 4:30 p.m. on NBC

Hope you like the color blue. 

The Los Angeles Chargers, for the first time since moving to LA, are breaking out the powder blues as the away team in Big D:

Dallas, known for the team that always gets to wear white whenever they want to because they're the Cowboys (and Jerry Jones might throw a hissy fit), are slated to wear their navy blue jerseys at home. Not even their cool, mid-90s throwbacks, either. 

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