Ryan Matthews is a lot faster than he looks.Getty Images

You can’t have too much of a good thing. At least in football.

The Eagles have two seemingly similar running backs in DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews. But the issue isn’t their alike styles, it’s stopping them on defense.

“We have a lot of similarities,” Murray said. “We both like to run downhill we are both very powerful guys, its going to be trouble for them.”

Matthews is a physical beast, one that makes Eagles coach Chip Kelly particularly excited. There are, of course, an endless array of possibilities on how to utilize his wrecking ball runners.


“I don’t think you really know how actually big he is until you pull up next to him,” Kelly said. “He’s almost 230 pounds, and he can really run. He’s explosive. I think when he sees a hole, he can change gears and accelerate through it.We’re using him a little bit on kickoff return, I think, because of taking advantage of that speed.”

Along with Darren Sproles, the duo has been a joy for running backs coach Deuce Staley to coach. And with their on-paper attributes shining bright, Kelly is licking his chops, over all three of his guys but particularly Matthews.

"That whole group is doing a great job," Kelly said, "a bunch of running backs, but we're excited to see what [Matthews] is like. It'll be a lot different, too, with the pads on because obviously they're letting him go, but I think he's one of those guys when the pads are on that will become even bigger because he's going to be a real tough guy to tackle and bring down."

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