Position battles are in full swing in Eagles training camp.Getty Images

The Eagles really came out with an excess of energy against the Colts Sunday. But why? It was just a preseason game afterall.

"We've got a lot of depth here and there's a lot of guys fighting for spots," Chip Kelly told the media after the 36-10 win. "I think everybody is aware of that. You don't really – it wasn't like we gave them a big rah‑rah speech before we went out on the field but we put a lot of emphasis because of how we train on what goes on when you get a chance to go in a game when it's live."

In this camp, more than other recent camps it seems like a lot of guys who are close to making the team could find homes in other locker rooms.

But for those that want to remain here in Philly, Kelly says it is their performances in games that will largely determine their fates.


"There's no excuses when you're playing in a game," the coach said. "You can't say, ‘Well, I would have had that guy but you blew the whistle too quick, coach,’ or ‘I pulled off because I didn't want to have a big collision.’ This is live; this is real; this is going."

One guy who ismired in a difficult battle, currently, is Ed Reynolds. The safety was under the radar among a very deep class of cornerbacks and safeties, but came to the forefront Sunday with two interceptions in the second half.

"He showed up," Kelly said of the second-year pro out of Stanford. "Not only two interceptions but had a big tackle on the kickoff return after that late in the game. I think he's a guy that's pushing to make the 53‑man roster and I'm happy for him right now."