The Colts lost one of the best tight ends in the league when Dallas Clark went down for the season with a wrist injury.

But as it’s done so many times in recent years, Indianapolis immediately found a new weapon.
Jacob Tamme has caught 24 passes for 245 yards and two TDs since replacing Clark, starting on Nov. 1 against Houston.

He’s sure to factor heavily in the Colts’ attack when Indy visits Foxborough on Sunday.

The Indianapolis offense will be just as high-octane as ever, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said yesterday.

“They’re able to still continue to make the defense defend everything, take the play and go to the weak spots that the defense gives them,” Belichick told reporters. “The guys that are there have been productive and made plays.”

As solid as Tamme has been (though Belichick wouldn’t “put him in a class with Dallas Clark”), but the attack really flows through Peyton Manning.

“Of course, it all starts with a great quarterback and [Peyton] Manning does an excellent job of getting them into good plays or keeping them out of bad plays,” Belichick said. “He makes great decisions in the pocket.”