What went wrong ...


1 Right tackle — The Pats missed out on a pair of first-half third downs because of pressure over right tackle. All Tom Brady needs is a little time. He didn’t always get it when it counted.

2 Coaching — A turnover on downs deep in their own territory late in the game??A low-percentage challenge on a Reggie Wayne catch early on? Things were a little weird last night.

Turnovers — A little sloppy play could go a long way toward a loss in the playoffs. The Patriots simply need to hold on to the ball if they hope to make any noise come AFC play.


What went right for the Pats ...


1 Tom Brady ... — When the Patriots QB has playmakers around him, he’s pretty awesome. You’re seeing that these days, especially in the early minutes last night.


2... and Randy Moss — Is there a more unique weapon among NFL wide receivers??The lanky, speedy pass-catcher showed his full value in the first half of last night’s game, catching three passes for 20 or more yards. The best part:?He managed to make a 63-yard TD catch look as easy as a pickup game in the park. That’s good.

3 Left tackle — It’s amazing, but Matt Light might not simply be given his job back when he returns from injury. Sebastian Vollmer is still raw at left tackle, but most of the serious pass rush the Colts got on Brady last night came from the right side. It looks like the big German was a draft-day steal for Bill Belichick.

4 Pass defense — It’s hard to make Peyton Manning look pedestrian, and the Pats didn’t quite do that last night. But they did keep him in check, which is worth kudos.