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'Community' recap: Episode 7, 'Studies in Modern Movement'

Our little Annie is finally getting out of the sketchy neighborhood andmoving on up and joining Troy and Abed in the apartment of dreams, asJeff is blackmailed into a mall-based day of fun with Dean Pelton.

Our little Annie is finally getting out of the sketchy neighborhood and moving on up and joining Troy and Abed in the apartment of dreams, as Jeff is blackmailed into a mall-based day of fun with Dean Pelton.

At Annie’s apartment, Britta helps her pack and plants the idea in Annie's head that she'll soon hate Troy and Abed for, well, being Troy and Abed, saying "When you become roommates with friends, the things you love about them become the things that make you want to smother them with a pillow." Just then Troy and Abed show up in matching T-shirts reading #anniesmove and announce that they are live-tweeting the day. (Follow along on Twitter.)

Pierce and a car-less Shirley walk in soon after and Pierce (like Britta) doesn't buy that Jeff’s not there because he’s sick, prompting Britta to call him. After a convincing sounding call (more on this later) the rest of the gang finishes up packing -- no thanks to Troy and Abed, who use the packing tape to attach Troy to the bathroom door and then encase Abed's head in bubble wrap, causing Annie to freak out just a little. Britta tells Annie that she has to loosen up if she's going to live with the guys. A "loosey goosey" Annie tries to play it cool when Troy accidentally breaks a wall outlet. (Former slumlord Pierce offers to repair it for her). Shirley confides in Britta that's she's concerned about Troy, Abed and Annie cohabitating because she’s seen "Friends," which Britta takes to mean that Shirley is judging them for religious reasons—but after some sniping back and forth, Shirley ends up leaving with Britta anyway, rather than waiting for a ride from handyman Pierce.

The religious/secular morality argument continues in the car, until Britta pulls over to pick up a hitchhiker—who leads each of the women to gloat in turn (he’s Christian, score one for Shirley; he claims to be Jesus — yes, that one — so score one for Britta) until he until he starts singing a song about “race-mixing” called "Don't You Do It," which causes the women to unite and kick him out of the car.

Pierce, alone in Annie’s empty apartment trying to get a small piece of plastic out of the broken outlet, causes a series of escalating accidents, which culminates in him high on spilled paint, making snow angels in the paint now all over the floor, and hallucinating that's he's playing the piano as two women in hula skirts dance beside him.

The three new roomies gleefully tour their apartment together—but Annie’s stunned to discover her bedroom is actually one of Troy and Abed’s famed blanket forts. As Annie decorates her new fort home, Troy and Abed put on a puppet show that re-convinces that living with crazy duo could be fun. (Can you blame her?) She's so inspired, in fact, that she runs to what looks like a linen closet and stumbles into an entire empty room. Here, in shock at "the Dreamatorium"—a virtual play room where the playing exists only in their minds—and that looks more than a little like the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” holodeck— is where Annie snaps. All of her anxiety about being uptight and not fitting in comes out, but she also wonders why she has to be the one who always adapts. Good point, Annie! She runs out of the apartment back to her old one, where she finds a paint-covered Pierce.

Meanwhile, Jeff is not sick, and is instead (as Britta suspected) at The Gap—he uses his Winger magic to convince a sales clerk to help him keep up the charade by making the store scanner beep like a heart monitor, paging imaginary doctors — and his plans of avoiding all that tedious manual labor seem to be falling into place. Until, that is, Dean "Call me Craig: Off campus I'm a Craig-ular Joe" Pelton shows up. The Dean follows Troy and Abed on Twitter and threatens to tell the study group that he ran into a clearly able-bodied Jeff at the mall, unless Jeff hangs out with him.

Which, somehow leads Jeff and the Dean to one of those '90s mall recording booths, where Jeff begrudgingly joins the Dean in a duet of "Kiss From a Rose." Against his better judgment, Jeff actually enjoys himself (nearly as much as we did!) His guard down, the Dean lets slip that he read an email Jeff sent to his therapist about wanting to be alone this weekend—Jeff finally puts it together that he didn't run into the Dean coincidentally -- after all, he did learn of the Gap sale in a mysterious email -- and starts chasing the Dean around the recording booth in a rage.

Back at the apartment, Annie walks back in, preparing to move out (with a still-probably-high-off-paint-fumes Pierce in tow) and finds Troy, Abed, Britta and Shirley putting the finishing touches on her new room— no more fort for our Annie, she’s scored the bedroom that used to be Troy and Abed's. The guys are now residents of the blanket fort, and apologize for being stuck in their own world. There's a lot that Annie can help them with—like knowing where the water goes in an iron, and also what an iron is for.

Just then, Jeff walks in with an armful of beer, also starting to apologize before Britta can cut him off, quoting lines from "Kiss from A Rose." Realization dawns on Jeff's face as he starts scramming "He tweeted it? He tweeted it!" (Sadly, for those of us outside of the world of Greendale, the Dean’s twitvid remains elusive). Yes, the gang’s back together, singing and putting on puppet shows, but one still has to wonder what an increasingly glum Jeff is talking to a therapist about. Maybe we'll find out next week?

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