Dez Bryant is looking to get paid by Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.Getty Images

The strangest non-Deflategate subplot of this NFL offseason is the awkward relationship between All-World wide receiver Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys.

Given Bryant’s ability and charisma, one would think Dallas owner Jerry Jones would embrace Bryant the same way he embraces a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. But the two sides still haven’t been able to agree on a contract extension, and Bryant is set to become a free agent.

No. 88 hasn’t been shy about voicing his opinion on his uncertain future with Dallas on Twitter. Between wishing Michael Jordan a happy birthday and believing that Duke basketball is perfectly ranked at No. 5 in the country (@DezBryant: Duke #5 #truth), Bryant also lashed out at the Cowboys’ passive-aggressiveness and touched on the rumors that there is a “Ray Rice –level” video of him that exists somewhere out in “the cloud.”

When the great @FrankyGonzalez3 tweeted at Bryant: “I love how dedicated @DezBryant is to the @dallascowboys,” Bryant shot back, “I wish they felt the same way, but it’s cool. It’s #business.”


After ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio went on Dallas sports radio 105.3 The Fan last week and said that the Cowboys were afraid of a video being released of Bryant in an “incident” that would have a “Ray Rice-type of impact,” Bryant went to Twitter hours later and wrote, “Just quit with the B.S.. It’s clear as day what’s going on. I might need to do an exclusive interview about my life these past five years since the world is destined to know. I used to let people take advantage of my life. Now that I’m no longer allowing that to happen it seems to be a problem. I’m not ashamed of none of my past incidents because that’s what made me who I am today.”

Translated: “There is a probably a video of me doing something bad out there and it’s probably going to come out soon, but the video’s really not that bad, and I don’t do stuff like that anymore, so shutup Jerry, and sign that check.”

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