Did, Alabama, football, Raekwon Davis, shoot, himself
Raekwon Davis in the US Army All-American Bowl. Getty Images

Alabama defensive lineman Raekwon Davis was shot in the leg outside of a bar in Tuscaloosa last weekend, but did Davis shoot himself?

That’s the rumor according to Bar 17 owner Dionne Murrell, who spoke with police around 1 a.m. that night off Stillman Boulevard.

“Is everything OK?” Murrell said she asked police, according to ABC 33/40. “He said yeah we just got a call about a random shooting. So I started looking around and was thinking since nobody is here it couldn’t have happened here … That’s the rumor going around that he shot himself. That he was shooting in the air and he shot himself.”

Murrell was not contacted by authorities.


Davis is listed as “day to day” by Alabama football but his injuries were so minor that he is expected to play against Florida State Saturday night, barring an-house suspension.

“It doesn’t seem like our players were guilty of anything other than being out late, which doesn’t make me happy,” Alabama head coach Nick Saban said of the incident. “But it is what it is.

“Nothing good ever happens after midnight,” Saban added. “Nothing good ever happens after three drinks. I’m always concerned about our players being out, where they’re out, who they’re with, who’s the alpha dog that provides the leadership to not get out of that situation somewhere earlier in the evening where it would have never happened.”