walk to the world cup dog jefferson negro Meet the dog who walked to the World Cup.
Credit: Walk to the World Cup

Four English men named Adam Burns, David Bewick and Pete Johnston and Ben Olsen decided to walk 1,220 miles between Mendoza, Argentina and Porto Alegre, Brazil in order to raise money for a well in an area of Brazil hit by drought. According to their website, many dogs joined them during their trip, but on their way through Solis, Uruguay, a black Labrador retriever wouldn't leave them alone.

Even when they tied to shoo it away, the dog stuck with them. They named him "Jefferson" and added one more to their walking team to the World Cup.

The adventure of the English travelers and the dog eventually reached the owner of the dog, who contacted the group. It turns out the Lab's name is "Negro," and it had escaped from its home. Apparently, Negro wanted very much to go to the World Cup - he made it, but his master recovered him and brought him back home.

There's no word on if Negro argued with Burns, Bewick, Johnston and Olsen on whose team would take the final.

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