OK, so this story doesn't possess any local ties. Still, it's an amazing tale and one you must read about it — if you haven't already.

Former boxing champion — and Hangover star — Mike Tyson was innocently sleeping inside a Las Vegas hotel room this past weekend when a would-be burglar popped in. As the intruder was snooping around and shining a flashlight, Tyson began to stir. At this point, predictably, the robber recognized Tyson and quickly aborted mission.

No one was injured and no items were reported stolen. The story first appeared on the TMZ website.

It's been a good couple weeks for curious, would-be robbers, from Lou Williams Christmas Eve in Manayunk to Tyson's encounter in Vegas. While Williams' would-be assailant escaped with a free lunch (thanks, McDonald's), we think the Tyson robber made the right move by fleeing immediately. No telling what the Tiger-owning, pigeon-loving ex-champ might have done to him.


He may have lost an ear or, worse yet, been subjected to a Phil Collins' cover.

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