Sam Bradford has been one of the NFL's best quarterbacks this season.Getty Images

Sam Bradford went up against the Eagles 2016 defense — the current roster of players under Jim Schwartz — every single day in training camp and during the preseason.


With the quarterback surprisingly excelling like a seasoned Pro Bowler in his new home with the Vikings, Philly has two things to worry about upon his return to Philly.


He's playing really, really well. And he knows the playbook.


"Back a few years ago, [former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb] was in Washington when we played him and we had a pretty good day," Doug Pederson recalled."So listen, I'm not going to change anything. Will we tweak some stuff? Yes. We still have to get ready. This is a great football team coming in here. They are undefeated coming off a bye."


Through four games in Minnesota (he sat out in Week 1), Bradford has the second best quarterback rating in football at109.8. He is averaging 248 yards per game, leads the NFL in completion percentage at 70.4 and has yet to turn the ball over. The Eagles will have their hands full.


"Sam has obviously a good understanding and knowledge of what we do on both sides of the ball," Pederson said. "I think where it becomes valuable for a coach when a player knows you is just knowing personnel. I think just understanding the types of guys that are here. He's been a teammate for a couple years here. I think that becomes more valuable than the Xs and Os. If I know Sam, and I know the quarterback position, he's got to get ready for this defense and get himself ready to go, as well."

But don't forget it goes both ways. Schwartz has gone up against Bradford in practice for months prior to his September trade north in exchange for a first round pick. The chess match that is an NFL football game will certainly not be lacking in storylines or entertainment value in Week 7.