DeMarcus Cousins takes a pretend pee-pee selfie.


The Olympics is supposed to be a celebration of the purity of sports.

In these Summer games, however, most of the chatter will revolve around poopy water and Draymond Green's middle leg. (See pic here)

A day after Green's dick pic went viral, USA basketball teammate DeMarcus Cousins had some fun at the expense of the Golden State Warriors All-Star. While Green was at the other end of the court answering questions from the media regarding the Snapchat photo, Cousins felt the need to weigh in while shooting around. He held a pretend phone up to his nether-regions and also had this to say:

"Draymond does this remind you of anything?" (while taking a pretend pic)


"N---- you still do it."

"Something about pictures/chicks."

"Ain't nobody trying to hear that s---."

"N---- you did that s--- six days ago."

"Call Draymond."

(Was his face in the picture? - Klay Thompson)

"I don't know I didn't see the picture."

"Just took a straight shot like that?"

"Did you see the pic James?" (referring to Jimmy Butler?)

(I just searched it)

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