Billy Davis is visibly proud to be a member of Chip Kelly's staff.Getty Images

It seems a bit odd. Every time someone is traded away or cut from the Eagles, the debate heats up over whether Chip Kelly understands his players. Or about whether he is racist.

But if you ask anyone still in the organization, starting with his right hand man -- defensive coordinator Billy Davis -- they'll tell you there is no one better.

"It's outstanding," Davis said when asked about his relationship with the Eagles' players."And I say that with all sincerity. He has one of the most open door policies of any of the guys I've been around."

"It's being portrayed differently outside than it is inside."


The comments were spurred on after Brandon Boykin told a reporter after being traded to the Steelers that Chip Kelly has "trouble relating with players of our culture."

But time and time again, those in green, black and white insist that this coach does get along with everyone. And encourages camaraderie.

"I can just answer from my view, of being in 10 different organizations with different coaches, schemes andsystems," Davis continued."I am telling you from the bottom of my heart, this isgreat place for players."

Davis is adamant that the Birds not only take good care of their players, but Kelly's cutting-edge approach to sports science is yet another service provided for the young men making a living playing a dangerous sport.

"We do more for players than anywhere around, for their conditioning, their body, their health, their mental health, growth to become a man. Just ask theplayers how much time we spend on their mindset,their mood, their hydration, how their bodies are feeling..."

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