When will Fletcher Cox return to South Philly?

There is likely little doubt that one of the biggest draws for Jim Schwartz when he decided to sign with the Eagles as their defensive coordinator was Pro Bowl defensive end Fletcher Cox.

Through the first two weeks of OTAs, Cox has yet to show. With the final year of his contract looming and no extension to speak of, it is unknown whether the pass-rusher will show up for mandatory minicampwhen it arriveson June 7.

But what is known is that Schwartz is a little uncomfortable talking about the situation.

"Any conversations I've had with players, I don't want to bring them into press conferences," Schwartz told a large Eagles media contingent Tuesday when asked if he had spoken to Cox."It's voluntary —you can only do so much. Fletcher was drafted in a scheme that was similar to this, he'll catchup. I am sure there will be some carryover for him. I assume he's a fast learner."


When a journalist pressed Schwartz for more information, the coach tried to suppresscuriosity immediately.

"I think probably that's enough Fletcher Cox speak," he said."Lets just talk aboutthe guys that are here. I really can't comment on the guys that aren't here. I haven't had any experience withthose guys so anything I say would be hypothetical to tell the truth."

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