Mychal Kendricks has taken a back seat under the Eagles' current offensive scheme. (Credit/Getty Images)

Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricksplayed under Chip Kelly, and played pretty well.


When he wasn't injured, the linebacker played his way into a new contract and will be an important piece in the team's defense again this coming season under Doug Pederson's new system.


And by system, we don't mean scheme. We mean coaching philosophy.


Having been a part of both,which does Kendricks like more?


"It's two different coaches who do two different things," Kendricks said Tuesday before taking the field for mandatory minicamp."I feel like, besides the speed of the practicesand everything, it's more of a pro system. You put your work in, they keep us to a high standard and keep us accountable, too. It's a more pro system, it's very conducive for the players and it is good for our recovery. Our mental reps are there — it's not just go, go, go. We sit and we learn what we have to do and then we go and do it."


Under Kelly, Philly's practices moved at break-neck speed and offered little by way of variety or time to step back and think.The Eagles are again huddling for the first time in four years prior to every play. This gives both offensive and defensive players a chance to slow down and assess the situation.

"My message to the team, too, is we can still attack, even out of the huddle," Pederson said."I don't like to use the word slowdown, but if the huddle means slowing it down, then it is helping …"

"I think coming into a whole new system, slowing things down and getting it down-pat first and then going and doing it is more conducive for getting things done," Kendricks said.

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Speaking of getting things done, Kendricksknows what Fletcher Cox, who reported to camp (sans new contract) is going through and understands the business side of football.

"There is money involved, big money involved," the linebacker, who will play on the outside this season, said."It's a game we love to play but everyone's job is on the line from the top to the bottom. Everyone is getting paid. It's how you should go about your business in this business. You should think this way because as soon as you get in your could get out. I wouldn't have it any other way."

That being said, Kendricks and most everyone in the Eagles' locker room who shared an opinion Tuesday was pleased that Cox was back in uniform — even if he didn't participate in full team drills.

"Honestly, Fletcher Cox is a big part of this year we all know that," he said."I feel as a player I need him to do the things I do. He wrecks shop up front and Icome through and clean it up. We work well together. He's back, showing his dedication these few days. The whole fine thing and not being here, that'snot like him. He's doing what he feels he needs to do and I am sure it will work out fine."