Tim Tebow could have a perfect NFL role if the league chooses to change its extra-poiGetty Images

The NFL’s spring meetings will commence next week in San Francisco and the powers that be in the biggest sports league in the world will consider three proposals that could change how extra points work in the upcoming season.


The Eagles, Patriots and the competition committee each submitted ideas on how to make the “gimmie” that is the PAT more exciting, according to the Associated Press.


They also hope to make it a more important part of the game, as players routinely risk injury during a play that is more or less inconsequential.


The Eagles have suggested that the ball be snapped at the 15-yardline for the kick (as opposed to the 2-yard line) and that two-point conversion attempts be moved up to the 1-yard line. They also suggest that a returned fumble or interception count as two points for the defensive team. New England’s idea is the same, without the defensive scoring opportunity.


The proposal from the competition committee is the same as the Eagles’, with the two-point attempt still at the 2-yard line and the competition committee.

The move to the 1-yard line could be a valuable change for Chip Kelly and the Birds. Kelly is known for aggressive play — particularly during his college days in Oregon.

He also recently acquired Tim Tebow, a player whose value could be increased by a multitude with the change.

A three-fourths majority (24 owners) is needed for the rule to change.