It will be a nice feeling for Birds fans to finally suit up and play ball at the LincGetty Images

After months of working hard in the gym, practicing with teammates and putting in the hard offseason work that is required of NFL players to be great, the Eagles will finally hear some cheering Tuesday, for the first time in quite a while.

In an open practice (free to the public) at Lincoln Financial Field, the Birds will put on their pads for the first time and try to impress their fans Tuesday afternoon (at noon).

“Obviously the intensity goes up a little bit,” Malcolm Jenkins said of the first of two open practices. “Tomorrow we’ll have some fans out there. Guys don’t wanna get embarrassed. They wanna show off a little bit. But at the end of the day ... it’s real football when you put the pads on, for the first time, you want to feel that.”

For some there is that anticipation but for others a little nervousness.


DeMeco Ryans hasn’t worn pads since his injury-mid-season last year. He’ll be putting his recovering ankle to the test.

“I haven’t put [pads] on for a long time so it will be a little uneasy,” Ryans said. “But I think I need that to get myself that confidence again, knowing that I’m ready.”

And for some others, like new running back DeMarco Murray, it's an opportunity to make a first impression in front of a fan base that has hated him for his entire career prior to this spring.

"Yeah, I feel like an Eagle," Murray said.

The second Eagles open practice is also this week, on Sunday at the Linc.