The most tasteless prop bet of 2016 is no longer, "Which British entertainer will die next?"

The gambling site Bovada@BovadaLVposted on its Twitter feed last night an image of the Golden Gate Bridge snapping in half, with the following:

"Will there be an earthquake during the game. Yes +1000"

The game in which they're referring too is, of course, this Sunday's Super Bowl - which will be held in greater San Francisco (Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California).


If someone does bet on this and is lucky enough to "cash in," he or she will be an instant millionaire (or billionaire, given the astronomical odds), but in no way can it be good in the karma department.

Believe it or not, there is some history regarding this natural disaster, location and timing of a major sports event. In 1989, Game 3 of the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A's World Series had to be postponed as the Loma Prietaearthquake struck just a half hour before the start of the game. Above is video of ABC's broadcast of the pre-game of Game 3.

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