Playing a character with a lost past in the new series “Haven” was a bit of a challenge — but an interesting one — for Emily Rose.

“It’s literally, like, telling me to play a boy, because it’s something I don’t know,” Rose says of her character’s foggy upbringing. “One of the reasons I get to do a lot of the things I do is that I have a solid family base.”

In the series, Rose plays FBI agent Audrey Parker, a woman with a mysterious past who is sent to the small Maine town of Haven on a routine investigation.


She soon discovers the town is a refuge for people with strange supernatural afflictions, who, like Audrey, are looking for a place where they can belong.

“She is pretty surprised when she rolls into Haven and finds a connection to herself,” says Rose, who previously appeared in the series “Brothers and Sisters.” “She is there to solve a case, but curiosity kicks in when all these things start happening.”

“I am a curious person like Audrey,” Rose adds. “I am totally an eavesdropper.” Dean Lisk

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