I’m not afraid to declare that October is the best sports month of the year and that’s not just because locally the Red Sox nightmare of a season in 2012 mercifully ends Wednesday night. There are numerous reasons that make this the best time if you consider yourself a serious sports fan with many interests. Plus, unlike the winter, the weather is still decent outside so you don’t feel trapped in your house or apartment and can still enjoy outdoor activities. Summer is not even considered since it is all baseball and not much else.

October is mostly associated with the MLB playoffs and for good reason. As tedious and needlessly long as the regular season is, MLB’s postseasons always deliver the goods in terms of excitement, memorable games and performances. The fact that they added a second wild card in each league this season only increases our interest by adding another team to the mix. It would be nice if the Red Sox could reach the postseason again, after missing out the last three times, but the MLB playoffs are so good that there’s plenty of reason to watch even without a rooting interest.

College football and the NFL are both starting to get into the meat of their schedules (conference and divisional play) and this period separates the contenders from the frauds. The pressure and stakes increase each weekend which is what makes both versions of the sport excellent; October is when the games really start to mean something.

October is also when the NHL would normally start but I’m not holding my breath on that hopeless league to get their act straight anytime soon in 2012. NBA training camps have started (the Celtics just left for a trip to Europe featuring exhibition games against European teams) and while I can’t say that basketball before Christmas really thrills me, I won’t be complaining when the C’s open up their regular season on Oct. 30 in Miami against the Heat. Finally, college basketball’s Midnight Madness and college hockey both begin next week.


What more do you want? October has it all, so sit back and enjoy all the action.