If you’re a Celtics fan, or Bostonian, chances are you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard Kevin Garnett was traded to the Celtics.

?First thought: No way… KG? In Boston? It’s too good to be true.

But it was true. Garnett was now a Celtic, and took the next flight to Boston. Paul Pierce flew in. Ray Allen flew in. All of the sudden, the three were sitting side-by-side at their first press conference together.

New life was immediately pumped into an organization and fan base that seemed to have hit rock bottom after one of its worst years ever: Red Auerbach had died, Dennis Johnson had died, the Celtics lost a franchise-worst 18 games in a row, and then they missed out on both Greg Oden and Kevin Durant in the NBA lottery to top it off.

But finally something went the right way for Boston – and it’s made the last five seasons pure bliss for Celtics fans.

Paul Pierce is the epitome of the Boston Celtics, and will one day have his number lifted up to the rafters along with the 20 others and “LOSCY” already up there.

But make no mistake about it; Garnett’s number will go up soon after.

Before Garnett even put on the jersey, he had Boston hooked. His intensity, desire, and respect for the organization have only grown – somehow. He’s the heart and soul of the current squad, and the main reason they are where they are today.

The C’s have been a title contender since his arrival – winning one, just missing out on another.

Now, against all odds, the Celtics have a real chance at another title. Who knew they had this in them?

They did. And Garnett has made that very clear.

The majority of his Hall of Fame-worthy career took place in Minnesota, but his entire legacy is defined here in Boston.

So thanks KG. Thanks for reviving a Celtics culture, leaving it all out there on the court, and being the kind of player – and Celtic – that only you can be.
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