Are Jets fans turning into the new Eagles fans? When New York defeated San Diego in the playoffs, video surfaced of a Jets fan cheering pretty wildly in the stadium.

It didn’t seem to be anything arrest-worthy, but cops were quickly alerted. Once they arrived, the fan predictably resisted (as anyone would) and the battle was on. It took a few cops to haul him out.

Fast forward to this past weekend in Indianapolis. Another Jets fan, this time in a parking lot, allegedly threw beer at some Colts fans. Video shows a cop car pulling up, with an angry officer breaking out a taser gun on the Jets fan. Based simply on the video, the aggression seemed excessive.


The incidents prompted Dan Shaughnessy, of the Boston Globe, to write: “The streets of Miami and Fort Lauderdale will be a lot more peaceful in the first week of February ... The New York Jets and their marauding fans are not going to the Super Bowl.”


How about young, wealthy, entitled athletes will be boys?

For the fourth time in the past 18 months, a pro athlete’s genitals made an appearance on the Internet. Greg Oden, the injury-riddled former No. 1 NBA draft pick, took some cell phone pictures of himself in a mirror when his pants were down.

We’re not sure what happened next, but the nude photos appeared on the Web yesterday and went viral in a Google minute.

Other athletes to have their family jewels hit the Web: the Indians’ Grady Sizemore took photos in front of a mirror but covered up with a coffee mug; the Steelers’ Santonio Holmes was photographed naked in a shower; and the Redskins’ Chris Cooley “accidentally” took a photo of himself reading the team’s playbook. He had no idea his penis was out.

And athletes are worried about fans wielding camera phones?

– Jason Raj McIntyre covers athletes off the field and runs the popular blog, The Big Lead.

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