There is something warm and fuzzy about stocking up on baseball’s most familiar faces. But oftentimes, playing it safe makes you sorry.

Simply settling for big names on draft day leads to two big problems: You have to overpay for name value, and these players have often already hit their career peak.

Here are three big names to let someone else reach for during your draft:

Oy, captain
Derek Jeter is going to score runs and rack up a ton of at-bats atop the Yankees’ lineup but expecting a bounce-back at age 36 is unrealistic. Jeter’s career-worst OPS and batting average last season are huge red flags. If you miss out on one of the top four shortstops, take a late flier on Ian Desmond,?Starlin Castro or Asdrubal Cabrera before reaching for Jeter.

Joe the catcher
There is no doubt that Joe Mauer is a special player at a scarce position. But can we really justify a top-25 pick on a player that will hover around 10 homers and 80 RBIs with no steals? Swing for the fences with those first few picks.

The wrong Roy
Using a brand new changeup at age 32, Roy Oswalt sparkled as a Phillie in the second half last year. But now that hitters are prepared for it, Oswalt figures to slide back down the hill. Remember that prior to 2010, Oswalt’s ERA had risen in four straight seasons.