Here at Sweet Fantasy headquarters, we've been preparing for this day a long time. Last week, we posted full results and analysis of an expert mock draft. We've discussed which free agents will have the biggest impact on free agency. We've talked about overvalued players, sleepers and lockout losers.

So with today's news bringing things to a head, it's time to get practical. Here are my top 20 fantasy players for this season -- subject to change once free agency commences:

1. Chris Johnson -- Off a down year, the new coaching regime will jumpstart Johnson.

2. Adrian Peterson -- Christian Ponder can more than hold his own. There is just no risk here.

3. Arian Foster -- No, last year wasn't a fluke. Perfect fit for scheme and played last season on a bum knee.

4. Jamaal Charles -- He'll get more and more work as Thomas Jones gets older and older.

5. Michael Vick -- As I've discussed in this space, I think he's set for perhaps the biggest season in fantasy history.

6. Ray Rice -- Entering his prime, may not have to deal with free agent Willis McGahee vulturing touchdowns.

7. Rashard Mendenhall -- With Big Ben available all year, Mendy will see less eight-man fronts.

8. LeSean McCoy -- An absolute monster in PPR formats.

9. Andre Johnson -- So consistently dominant, but not much separation between him and other elite WRs.

10. Calvin Johnson -- Bet on Matthew Stafford staying healthy and throwing at least 13 touchdowns to Calvin.

11. Darren McFadden -- Oakland's line and offense is rapidly improving. McFadden's pure talent level is elite.

12. Aaron Rodgers -- Concussions aside, he's a lock for top-3 fantasy QB scoring.

13. Frank Gore -- A little scary with hip injury, but he says he's fine. Take a look in camp.

14. Larry Fitzgerald -- I have him ranked here assuming Kevin Kolb will be his quarterback.

15. Matt Forte -- His pass-catching skills are a perfect fit for Mike Martz.

16. Maurice Jones-Drew -- Drops due to concerns over his knee.

17. Hakeem Nicks -- Unreal talent and clear No. 1 receiver on a team that might lose Ahmad Bradshaw.

18. Roddy White -- Expect a few less targets thanks to the arrival of Julio Jones.

19. Jonathan Stewart -- We'll see where free agent DeAngelo Williams lands.

20. Shonn Greene -- LaDainian Tomlinson will be phased out even further in this run-first offense.

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