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Rob Gronkowski lands awkwardly against the Kansas City Chiefs last Thursday. Getty Images

As far as fantasy football injuries go, this one would be a doozy – Rob Gronkowski getting hurt.


When Gronkowski scored what was thought to be a touchdown with 9:49 left in the first quarter of last Thursday’s 42-27 Patriots loss to the Chiefs at Gillette Stadium, he landed awkwardly on his forearms (see photo above). Gronkowski broke his left forearm in the 2012 season two different times.


When Gronkowski got up to do his patented “Gronk Spike” in celebration of a touchdown (it was called back due to the nose of the ball hitting the turf), he came up gingerly and did a half-hearted celebration.


Gronk wasn’t much of a factor in the game after falling on his forearms and finished the game with six targets and two catches for 33 total yards.


The Patriots are typically mum about injuries (read: Tom Brady’s alleged concussion last year) so even if Gronk did bust up his forearms, don’t expect the Pats to let other teams know.

Twitter certainly noticed something was off with Gronk.