June has to be among the year’s greatest months. Flowers blooming, kids graduating and MLB?prospects getting the call.


Due to arbitration rules, teams watching their wallets usually wait until mid-June to promote their future stars. It's when we've seen studs like Andrew McCutchen and Stephen Strasburg make their debuts. Here's the next wave of guys that can help fantasy teams this season:


Bow to Bauer

Through 12 minor league starts this season, 21-year-old Trevor Bauer is 9-1 with a 1.96 ERA. Drawing comparisons to Tim Lincecum, he's struck out 91 batters in 73 1/3 innings. Bauer is fully expected be promoted to the Diamondbacks' starting rotation by the end of the month. He has front-line starter stuff.

The real Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo was a hot prospect in San Diego, but that's where hitters go to die. Now that he's in the Cubs' organization, there's a lot more upside. Rizzo is hitting .363 with 17 homers and 47 RBIs through 52 Triple-A games this season.


Halladay profit

When the Blue Jays gave up Roy Halladay, they acquired a young catcher from the Phillies named Travis D'Arnaud. Now that young catcher is the best prospect at his position in the game.


D'Arnaud is hitting .321 with 13 homers in?Triple-A this season and is a better defensive prospect than J.P. Arencibia. There's room to promote D'Arnaud and turn Arencibia into a designated hitter.