wife carrying championship Wife carrying championship is a unique sports of its kind originated from Finland. Credit: Getty Images

Metro’s guide to the other must-see global events that kick off during the World Cup. We wouldn’t want you getting FOMO now would we?

June 20: Take Your Dog To Work Day

international take your dog to work day Credit: Getty Images
Apparently a dog is a man’s best friend, so why would you want to miss out on treating your pooch to a day in the office? Okay, it doesn’t actually beat pulling a sickie to watch the football but it’s all for a good cause… to promote dog adoption, no less. Once your dog’s out the way, you’ll definitely have the time to do what you like.


June 21: Swedish Summer Solstice

Drunk Swedes dancing around a maypole. Need we say more? Not really but here are few more facts: traditionally a celebration of fertility, houses are decorated with wreaths and flanked by bonfires and hearty banquets. Oh and did we mention booze?

June 28 / June 29: Battle of Bannockburn commemorative event in Scotland

Here’s an event that SNP leader Alex Salmond will relish in celebrating, it’s the 700th anniversary of Scotland’s victory over England at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. The Scots will be showing their colors with traditional crafts, Gaelic dancing and no doubt a good old dram of whisky or two.

June 25 - 29: Glastonbury music festival

Forget the football anthems and switch over to a different field of dreams – with bands like Kasabian, Metallica and Arcade Fire playing in Somerset, England. It’s got all the booze, fighting and theatrics of a footie match without a referee trying to break up the mosh pit.

July 4: Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

nathan's, nathans, hot dog, eating competitive eating contest, coney island, brooklyn, nyc Credit: Getty Images
“Hot dog, jumping frog”… it’s a fast-food eating contest in New York's Coney Island. This event will certainly test your stomach: in 2013 American Joey Chestnut won his seventh consecutive competition by eating a record 69 hot dogs and buns in 10 mins. Needless to say, it’s the summer’s meatiest event.

July 4-5: The Wife Carrying World Championships

carry your wife, finland, maine, competition, husbands, wives, fun, sand, water Credit: Getty Images
This one takes legs… and a technique worthy of a fireman’s lift. Before you start, make sure your wife’s got her bikini bod in order because the chaps amongst you are going to want to carry as light a load as possible around the obstacle course. Maine also holds the annual competition as well.

July 5 and 6: Wimbledon women’s and men’s finals, respectively

Wimbledon venus, serena tennis sisters
It’s a biggie in the tennis calendar but this year it’s definitely playing second string to the World Cup. But we’re guessing most of the players would rather be at home watching football anyway, so look out for some early exits from the big guns.
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