It’s Jets week.

Whether the Patriots admit it or not, it’s the biggest week of the regular season. And it has been for some time now.

Some two months ago, Tom Brady admitted on WEEI’s “Dennis and Callahan” that he’d “never get over” the loss to the Jets last postseason.

Well, he can take a step in the right direction this weekend when the two teams meet again.


The Pats come in at 3-1, while the Jets, at 2-2, are reeling from a 34-17 beatdown by Baltimore.

“Obviously it wasn’t one of their better days; we’ve all been there before,” coach Bill Belichick said. “But I think on balance when you look at the football team across the board — not just a handful of plays — but you look at them across the board, they’re a solid team.”

And they tend to be even more solid when it comes to the Pats. That goes double for quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Based on quarterback rating, two of Sanchez’s top three career games have come against New England — including in the playoffs last year. It’s clear Sanchez is often locked in when up against the Pats ... and you already know Rex Ryan is.

“To think that we were just going to accept that, ‘Yeah, well, we can’t beat those guys?’ No way in heck,” Ryan said. “We’re here to beat everybody. New England is the best team in the league, but we want to be the best in the league. That hasn’t changed one bit. We want to beat them.”

Clearly, Ryan is still infatuated with beating the Patriots.

Belichick is still set on pretending it’s just another game over the course of a long season.

Yep — that’s Jets week.

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