You could put together a pretty solid lineup of former Patriots who’ve moved on to careers in the media.

You’d have to make do with Scott Zolak as your quarterback, but with Troy Brown and David Givens as your receivers, the passing game is?OK. Add Tedy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison and Ted Johnson to the mix on defense, and now you’re talkin’.

Metro yesterday spoke with Brown, who went from lacing up the cleats, to tightening up the tie.

“I had to take more of the long road because I was pretty shy. I didn’t talk a lot, and I didn’t talk to the media a lot when I was playing,” said Brown, who was making the rounds promoting Captain Morgan’s One Million Poses charity program. “So now I’m being able to make that adjustment. It’s getting better, and I feel more comfortable doing it.

“Some guys kind of struggle with it because they’re not very personable people and it doesn’t translate well when you’re doing radio and TV.”

It certainly helps the former Patriots that so many of them played in Super Bowls.

“People like to associate themselves to guys that win,” Brown said. “Here with the Patriots in the 2000s, that’s all we did was win a lot of games. So people wanted to be associated with us.”

Brown is taking his newfound talent one step further — to the classroom. He’s signed up to teach a class at Suffolk University next semester.

“I’m still getting all the stuff together; I just agreed to do it last week,” he said.