Geno Smith Geno Smith has had a very bad week.
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The box office hit this weekend was "Gone Girl," but Jets starter Geno Smith was simply gone this Saturday.

Yet there don't seem to be any consequences for Smith, who missed a team meeting while at the movies Saturday due to a mixup with West Coast time. He will remain the Jets' starting quarterback for yet another week.

The Jets came out of Sunday's humiliating 31-0 loss with the fifth-worst passing offense in the league through five games.


The missed meeting comes after a week in which Smith cursed at fans last Sunday and chastised a reporter on Wednesday.

“I had a mix-up in the time. I felt really bad about it,” Smith said Monday in a conference call with the media. “I ended up apologizing and really just wanted to catch up on things, so I got back, got with [quarterbacks] coach [David] Lee, and got back and watched film and went over everything that we’ve been going over throughout the week. So, I just felt really bad. I kind of felt like I let a lot of people down. That’s definitely not of my character to not be on time for a meeting. I was just very apologetic in that instance.”

Discipline will be coming, according to head coach Rex Ryan, who didn't come down too hard on his starting quarterback.

“I believe it is just a one-time thing, but it was just an honest mistake,” Ryan said.

Smith was named starter for Sunday's home game against the Broncos following the loss to San Diego.

“I’m aware of what I can do on the field, so my confidence is sky high,” Smith said. “But I’ve got to produce. I’ve got to have the great games that I’ve done before, but we’ve just been struggling as a team right now. So, when I talk about my confidence, I always talk about my teammates because it’s 11 men on both sides of the ball. We’ve all got to contribute. Like I said, I remain confident in those guys because that allows me to be confident in myself as well.”

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