John Cena is paid handsomely. Getty Images

Being a top attraction in the world of pro wrestling pays. According to Forbes, the top paid WWE superstar is Brock Lesnar and he currently makes $12 million per year. A glance at Forbes’ top 10:

1.     Brock Lesnar: $12 million

2.     John Cena: $8 million

3.     Triple H: $3.8 million


4.     Roman Reigns: $3.5 million

5.     Dean Ambrose: $2.7 million

6.     AJ Styles: $2.4 million

7.     Shane McMahon: $2.2 million

8.     The Undertaker: $2 million

9.     Seth Rollins: $2 million

10.  Randy Orton: $1.9 million


According to, the lowest salary for a WWE wrestler is $52,000 per year. Keep in mind that WWE wrestlers do not have health insurance through the company and are expected to provide most of their own travel costs – meaning that if you’re a pro wrestler – working 300 nights per year – the going is rough.

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