Just because Matt Bush is starring in the new TBS sitcom “Glory Daze” doesn’t mean he’s gone all Hollywood. We caught up with the 24-year-old New Jersey native to hear about his sophisticated, off-camera tastes — including comic books, “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and chicken nuggets.

What reality show do you secretly want to be cast on?

“Jersey Shore” — because I’m Italian; I’m from New Jersey. When this show came out, I thought maybe I could pretend to be offended by this show. But man, I just absolutely loved it.

What's your favorite dish to cook for yourself when you’re not in a rush?

I totally don’t cook. At all. I think I have the culinary sensibilities of a fourth-grader. So I tend to make chicken nuggets and grilled cheese sandwiches whether I have all the time in the world or 15 minutes.

Favorite word?

“Jabroni.” I was watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and there was an episode when they were learning how to play hockey. And jabroni was kind of this hockey word they started using. I’ll use it in any context: “You’re such a jabroni.”

Favorite song?

I know it’s such a cop out, but Queen is my favorite band. “Somebody to Love” is huge up there on the list. “You’re My Best Friend,” by Queen. They’re so good!

What’s your most prized possession?

I have a nice collection of comic books. They’re in my living room on a bookshelf, and every time I pass by them it makes me so happy.

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