“Glee” may currently be the most popular series in the world, but at McKinley High, New Directions is still a bunch of misfits. And in the premiere of Season 2, they’re looking for a couple of new outcasts to join their ranks.

“The first episode back is called ‘Auditions,’” explains series creator Ryan Murphy. “It’s about the idea that everybody, even if you’re not in high school, your daily life is an audition for something.”

Constantly trying to prove your worth is something the “Glee” cast members are familiar with — not long ago, many of them were running the casting rounds, taking bit parts or not finding any gigs at all — and Murphy isn’t afraid to remind them of that fact, despite their ever-escalating fame.


“I had a meeting with all the kids in my office, and the meeting was simply just, like, let’s go around the room and talk about where we were and where we were working a year ago,” says Murphy. “And that’s really all we did. Most of the kids didn’t have jobs.

One was working at a gas station. So they really sort of got back in touch with who they were.”

Of course, after reaching “Glee”-level notoriety, it’s highly unlikely any of these actors will have to pump gas again — well, at least not for another couple seasons.

“We’ve sort of mapped out the first four years with our original cast,” Murphy promises.

“But I think we have an obligation to be true to the high school experience.”