Jon Beason Jon Beason brought a tremendous amount of leadership to the Giants last season.
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The Giants were told by team doctors Tuesay that linebacker Jon Beason will not require surgery to his right foot after he tore a ligament and suffered a small fracture to the sesamoid.

The news will likely increase his chances of returning to the lineup by the season opener, although there’s been no guarantee the veteran will be present by Week 1.

Beason, who was seen by foot and ankle specialist Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte, North Carolina said his foot will be immobilized for six weeks (three weeks in a cast and three in a walking boot) as the first step in his rehabilitation.


The veteran linebacker, who recently re-signed with the Giants, will almost certainly miss all of a training camp that commences on July 21, but added he’s pleased with the revelation he can avoid surgery.

“My visit with Dr. Anderson went as well as it could have yesterday,” Beason said. “I’m happy that it was determined that I will be able to recover without surgery. My plan is to work as hard as I can during my rehab so I can be fully recovered around the start of the regular season opener on Monday night in Detroit [Sept. 8].”

Coughlin said he’s “optimistic” after hearing the plan for Beason’s recovery.

“Any time that the decision is made with regard to no surgery [and] the idea that it will scar in itself is good news,” Coughlin said.

Beason is one of the team leaders — despite not even being a Giant for a full calendar year — so his absence will not go unnoticed.

“I think there will be guys that will pick it [the leadership] up,” said Coughlin when asked who can fill the void. “Certainly we’d like to have Jon out there. We’re going to miss that part of it.”

Beason isn't just counted on to contribute on the field. The linebacker developed into one of the leaders on defense last season, quickly adapting to the defense and its calls. So Coughlin is looking forward to Beason being able to contribute in anyway.

“I think once he can get out on the field again and be around the players it’ll help,” said Coughlin. “I think as soon as he can do that he’ll be out there standing next to the coaches, involved in the signaling and so on. ... It’ll help, because he knows the defenses, knows the calls. He’ll be helping the young guys when they come on and off. That will all take place.”

Coughlin couldn’t give a timetable either. He was asked about Beason being ready for the season opener, but deferred to the doctors making that decision.

“I have no way of knowing that,” Coughlin said. “We would hope that, but we’ll see. He certainly will be weight-bearing for really a lot of time. And he’ll be in great shape. He’s one of those [workout fanatics].”

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