Davis Webb has trudged through the majority of the 2017 season as the Giants' third-string quarterback. (Photo: Getty Images)

The backup quarterback is always the most popular player on the team and in the case of the New York Giants, it is easy to see why quarterback Davis Webb is someone who is generating some buzz. It is difficult to ignore his potential and upside.

Webb enters his second year with the Giants, coming off a 2018 season where he didn’t throw a single pass but still has a bright future in this league. Taken by the Giants in the third round last year, Webb is looking polished and developed. He has a high ceiling, even as there is work still to be done.

Now in his second training camp, Webb seems to be progressing. There is still refinement that needs to be made to his game but he enters training camp as the clear-cut No. 2 quarterback on the team’s depth chart.

“I think you try to do the best you can to prepare, and when that time comes, hopefully, you’re ready. I got to see the worst of the worst last year,” Webb said on Monday. “I got a first-hand experience in that one, even though I wasn’t totally in the fire, I was a fly on the wall per se. I was in the meeting rooms, I saw how our team kind of got hurt, and things didn’t go our way. But now, this is great. We’re moving on, and we’re ready to rock and roll.”


There is the benefit of Webb learning a new offense, giving him a bit more of a level playing field in a quarterbacks room that also is learning the new installation. Webb notes that starter Eli Manning has picked up the new playbook faster – as is to be expected - but that the new offense means that “it is kind of fun to be on the same page.”

In other words, Webb starts out on a bit more equal footing given that everyone else is learning the offense and its verbiage. 

The presence of Manning, a four-time Pro Bowl quarterback who was twice voted Super Bowl MVP, allows Webb to develop and mature at his own pace. This camp is a valuable time for Webb to learn and mature.

“Eli? He’s the best I’ve ever seen throw it. I mean, he has total command of the offense – attention wise, route wise, teaching everybody on the fly on the field and off the field,” Webb said. “He’s ready to rock and roll. We’ll all try to keep up. He sets that tone, and I know he’s going to play his best.”

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