ESPN unleashed a new "This is Sportscenter" commercial on Tuesday ahead of the start of the NFL season. And the star is none other than Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz.

The salsa superstar, along with Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, are taking part in a fantasy draft — except not for football players, but instead for "Sportscenter" anchors.

It's great to see NFL players being self-aware about just how prevalent fantasy football has become and playing along with the joke. Way too many players take fantasy sports too seriously as a detriment to the game. Yeah, the questions and complaints from fans on Twitter, or even just in the stands, probably get annoying. No one cares about your fantasy team is a familiar refrain. But it's a big reason the NFL has become far and way the No. 1 sport in the country.


Cruz drafts "Sportscenter" anchor Kevin Negandhi because "at least the guy's got desk presence."

The Eagles mascot — Swoop is his name, if you must know — selects the legendary Bob Ley. Of course, the pick is derided because he's going to "have a bad hair year."

The commercial ends with Negandhi walking past the draft room and tripping over a vacuum cord and getting injured. Cruz delivers the "well there goes my season" punchline.

The spot also features a couple of the Jets cheerleaders, known as the Flight Crew.

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