How did the cast of “Glee” commemorate their Golden Globe win for best TV comedy or musical Sunday night?


“In-N-Out burger!” star Cory Monteith, who plays sensitive jock Finn on the Fox high school musical, emphatically told TV critics the day after the awards show. Members of the Television Critics Association gathered on the “Glee” set on Monday for interviews previewing the series’ return on April 13. Despite the late night of celebrating and an 8 a.m. call to get back to (stellar) work, the cast was happy to share anecdotes from their Golden evening.


“I won [a Golden Globe] before for ‘Nip/Tuck,’ but it felt so much more wholesome this time,” “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy joked about the stark differences between his two series. His most memorable part of the night came courtesy of Julianne Moore, who stopped by his table to say how much she loves the show. “I was kind of freaked out,” Murphy admitted.


Chris Colfer, who plays flamboyant Kurt on the show, had a similar pinch-me moment: “Sandra Bullock told me she made her husband Jesse James watch the ‘Single Ladies’ episode,” Colfer said, still visibly astonished. “And the image of making her tatted husband watch that [is burned in my mind].”