The sequence in which Seattle's Golden Tate allegedly "came down" with the football in Monday night's incomprehensible Seahawks-Packers game was not the final play of the game.

After nearly 10 minutes of unbridled confusion, 11 Packers and 11 Seahawks were brought back onto the field to complete the point-after-touchdown. On the surface, it was meaningless and it was embarrassing for Green Bay players to have to come back onto a field where they were just unceremoniously screwed (can you be screwed ceremoniously?). But the deed most definitely had to be done. Why? Because it's the NFL and money was on the line. Always remember, everything NFL is about the money.

The city of Las Vegas will never, EVER, allow an NFL game to finish without taking point spreads into consideration. Every single point is critical. Every dollar is critical.

Unless you've been on a remote island, you know that the most popular sport in America is being officiated by a group of unfortunate fellas that are in way over their heads. The simple solution would be for the NFL owners (the true culprits here) and NFL commish Roger Goodell to spare a few bucks and bring the real officials back.


According to the Los Angeles Times, the NFL will make more than $9 billion this year. The league is looking to save $5 million (five hundredths of a percent) by not giving the real refs what they want (full, defined benefits).

The greed of the NFL owners is ruining the credibility of the league. Not that credibility in sports means anything anymore. The NBA had its share of referee issues this past spring. They still managed to swing record ratings. Don't think the powers that be in the NFL are oblivious to this.

All we can do now is hope that Goodell and the owners do the right thing. Soon.

On a side note: all politicians should look into hiring Ed Hochuli for a late campaign push. You'd be hard-pressed to find one human being in the U.S. right now with a higher approval rating.


President Obama even weighed in the ref issue:

“NFL fans on both sides of the aisle hope the refs’ lockout is settled soon. -bo”

Patriots near forefront of ref issues

The NFL said it was reviewing three incidents involving coaches and referees from Week 3 games, including one incident involving Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, according to

Belichick spoke about whether or not he was contacted by the league office yesterday.

“I think I’l just keep all of that process private, and whatever the league has to say, the announcements, or whatever they have to say, they can make those, or not make them, if and when they decide to do it. I'll just leave all that to them," Belichick told

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said yesterday that he and his teammates were not too concerned about the NFL’s ongoing issue with replacement referees.

“I see more pileups and punching and all that crap that goes on before and after plays and stuff like that then there would normally be, and maybe guys are taking advantage a bit,” Brady said to WEEI. “But from my standpoint, for me it’s been business as usual.”