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Haynesworth out as Pats reshuffle D-line

It looks like the “sleeping giant” will get plenty of shuteye.

It looks like the “sleeping giant” will get plenty of shuteye.

The Albert Haynesworth era is over in New England, as the team placed the defensive lineman on waivers yesterday, ending what was ultimately a failed experiment.

The Pats traded a 2013 fifth-round pick to the Redskins for Haynesworth. It’s a deal that — at the time — seemed like it could pay dividends.

It didn’t.

Haynesworth missed two regular-season games with a back injury, and — to take a word from Darrelle Revis’ vocabulary — was pretty much a slouch for the rest of them.

When he was asked why Haynesworth sat out most of the second half of Sunday’s loss to the Giants, Bill Belichick said it was a “rotation-related.”

The point, reading between the lines:?Haynesworth had fallen out of it.

As soon as the Pats got a healthy Ron Brace back, combined with the emergence of Kyle Love, the 350-pound Haynesworth became nothing more than excess baggage.

In the end, he made just three tackles this season — and reportedly got into an animated discussion with defensive line coach Pepper Johnson on Sunday.

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