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Here's what Bill Belichick had to say about today's loss

Shock of shocks: It wasn't much.

Bill Belichick was typically tight-lipped in today's postgame press conference, right from his opening statement.

"Well, not much to say there," the Patriots coach said. "This was a tough game. We had our chances; we just came up a little short. We’ve got to keep working here and see if we can play a little better. The Giants are a good football team. They did a good job and we’ve just got to do a little better than we did."

Belichick credited "the players" with the offense's second-half turnaround, and called two late calls that went against the Patriots "tough." He said he didn't know whether halftime adjustments accounted for both teams' offensive success in the second half.

The coach's final answer, to a question about preparing for the Jets, pretty much sums things up.

"I don’t know," he said. "We just put everything we had into this game. The game’s been over for 10 minutes. We’ll start working the Jets tomorrow and work on the Jets all week and get ready for the Jets. We really haven’t been working on the Jets; we just finished the Giants game."

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