The Monday after Week 1 invariably finds a lot of fantasy owners close to the ledge. They are in full-blown panic mode, ready to bail on everyone who performed poorly on their team. Usually, this is a horrific idea.However, identifying warning signs early on can help save a season. Sometimes, it’s acceptable to jump right off that ledge.

Going Greene

Shonn Greene’s 2010 season could not have gotten off to a worse start. Greene fumbled twice, dropped a key swing pass and was clearly outplayed by LaDainian Tomlinson. The best he can hope for right now is an even split with LT, making Greene a mere flex play at this point.

Send it in

Browns coach Eric Mangini does not trust Jerome Harrison. And at this point, there’s nothing the talented speed back can do about it. Peyton Hillis started on Sunday and Harrison was a mere “change of pace” option. Leave him on your bench.

Missing No. 5
We warned that DeSean Jackson’s immense talent may not fit with the Birds’ more traditional West Coast scheme they are running post-Donovan McNabb. That played itself out on Sunday as Jackson caught just four balls for 30 yards without sniffing the end zone. Kevin Kolb’s weak arm does not mesh with D-Jax and Michael Vick’s legs are far ahead of his arm.