The former producer of your local cable commercials on the South Shore has graduated to national scripted television.

Adam Green, the director of indie slasher comedy "Hatchet" and Sundance-premiered drama "Frozen," retreated to his local roots for his TV series debut, "Holliston," which premieres tomorrow night on FEARnet.

Set locally in the town of Holliston, the "Big Bang Theory" meets "Evil Dead 2" sitcom tells the tale of two college grads, Adam (Green) and Joe (Joe Lynch), who aspire to be successful horror filmmakers. Yet, the best friends are poor twentysomethings who host late-night horror movie marathons at the local cable station. Green, who grew up in Holliston, says the show is autobiographical.

"This show embraces struggle," he says. And he's not just talking about the struggle to get from Holliston to Hollywood, but also the struggle to figure out which roommate finished the peanut butter.

"That's how broke we are," says Green, who is also the show's creator and producer. "It's funny to laugh now at that -- but it's all real, even the relationship stuff: At the core of the show, my character is trying to get over the breakup with his childhood sweetheart."


But one big difference between Green's career in filmmaking and the show is that his previous life had no laugh track.

"In some ways, TV is a lot more fun because it moves so much faster and it's a lot more like live theater," he says, referring to the audience.

Green says his main motive for making "Holliston" is his passion for horror.

"I think that horror fans are misunderstood," he muses. "People think if you're a horror person, you're only into seeing people getting dismembered. Horror people are normal people. ... They just happen to be into this stuff."


With “Holliston,” Green may have found the perfect way to combine his interest in media production with horror — and he has certainly found his way out of being a poor twentysomething.

“In no other career do you find yourself standing in a swamp in the middle of the night, throwing fake blood on naked women,” he says.
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