Cristiano Ronaldo Professional soccer players get paid handsome sums.
Credit: Getty Images

$7.966 billion – that's the total wage package of all 786 players participating in the World Cup, according to soccer data website Transfermarkt. With this handsome sum, you could buy 6,688 Ferrari model 2014 cars, 59 of the most expensive mansions in the United States and 10 round trips to the Moon.

If soccer players' wages were the decisive factor, which country would win the World Cup? Spain – the red "Furia" has a total wage value of $842.45m, with star playmaker Andres Iniesta topping the Spaniards with $74.47m in his coffers.

If money talks, Spain will face Germany in the "Financial Final," as "Die Mannschaft" has a value of $761.18m. In third and fourth comes hosts Brazil ($633.19m) and France ($557.7m), respectively.

At the thrifty end of the price list stands Honduras, with a wage bill of a meagre 28.63m among its 23 squad members.


Other teams on the cheap include Australia ($28.9m), Iran ($32.63m) and Costa Rica ($40.11m).

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